• Remmie Named Finalist In the AWS Startup Competition

    Jane Zhang, the CEO, presented at the final round as the company made it to the top 10 finalists among thousands of startup applicants.

  • Voting At The Polls This Year? This Is How You Can Stay Safe

    As we all know, 2020 is like no other year that we have experienced before, yet we still have an election, and it is our duty as citizens to vote....
  • How To Celebrate Halloween In 2020

    Want to celebrate the season of spooks but don't want to catch the scary pandemic? Remmie has tips you can take to celebrate safely while still having fun.
  • Remmie Health Selected To Present At The 22nd Annual SoCalBio Conference

    Remmie Health was selected from a wide pool of applicants to present the Remmie device at the SoCalBio conference.

  • Remmie Chosen To Present At GeekWire 2020 Summit With Bill Gates

    Remmie was selected to present its invention during the Inventions We Love session that included a fireside chat with Bill Gates amongst others.
  • Remmie Health Sponsors And Participates In Female Firebrands Summit

    Remmie Health, an Ear-nose-throat telemedicine company, announced that it will have a virtual booth with its CEO, Jane Zhang, and live discussion ...
  • Remmie Health Welcomes Augustina Liu As New Director Of UX

    We are excited to bring Augustina Liu as Remmie's new Director of UX. She is ready to take Remmie to the next level for not only the company, but for our users as well!
  • How To Avoid "Back to School Germs" During The Global Pandemic

    With the worldwide pandemic, navigating this school year will be especially challenging. One of the greater challenges will be how to keep your children from bringing home the "back to school" germs the kids are so susceptible to. Remmie is here to detail what you and your kids can do to keep those germs at bay.
  • No More Unnecessary Doctor's Visits For Swimmer's Ear

    Swimmer's ear, or otitis externa, is an infection in the external ear canal. Its often brought on by water that remains in your ear after splash time. Young children may not be able to clearly communicate any pain or discomfort they are feeling in their ear.
  • Remmie Can Help You Fight Against COVID-19

    “Strep throat, influenza, ear infection, you name it, anything that spikes a fever will feed the fear of COVID.”

    Use Remmie to visualize symptoms to help with telemedicine diagnostics and care delivery.